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Welcome greeter

By Manuel

The EndeavourOS Greeter app is one of the first apps to encounter, both while installing EndeavourOS, and when starting the installed system.

The purpose of the greeter is to help users

  • find relevant information about EndeavourOS
  • provide an easy way to do some useful operations on the system

Note that the welcome greeter app is under constant development, and will include more features, as well as bug fixes, over time.


This window is what you’ll see while starting to install EndeavourOS:

Note the small blue bar under tab named INSTALL, this is the contents of the INSTALL tab.

This tab is useful mainly in the install phase, selected by default when installing the system.

To start the install process, just click the “START THE INSTALLER” button.

Buttons “Partition manager” and “Initialize mirroring” may help you, for example, create a special partitioning, or initializing mirroring features. But usually these two buttons are rarely needed. The other buttons direct you to certain specific areas of more information at the EndeavourOS web site.

General Info

The next tab contains links to general information about EndeavourOS. This may be quite useful for users that know very little or nothing about EndeavourOS.

The General Info tab contents looks like this:

As you can probably guess, the buttons contain links to much more information at the EndeavourOS web site.

And since developing and maintaining a distribution takes resources that the development team must pay for, we’d appreciate any size of donation to help us cover the mandatory costs.

After Install

The next tab is (as some might say) where the real fun starts!

This tab (and the last tab) are meant to be used (mainly) in the installed system.

The “Update Mirrors” button is recommended to be clicked as the first thing after logging in the first time. It creates a list of good mirrors for your system. And you’ll use precisely those mirrors when updating the system, or installing new packages to it. Note that you may use this button also at a later time, for example if any of the listed mirrors is no more available, or should you have other problems with mirrors.
The terminal command to run this is: reflector-simple

The next button, “Update System“, is also a very important button. Click it right after the “Update Mirrors” operation has finished, and your system will be up-to-date (and may need to be rebooted). This button can be used later, too. It is recommended to update system at least about once a week.

After the two tasks above are finished, your system is ready to be used.

You may change the Display Manager by clicking the “Change Display Manager” button. Usually this is not needed, but you may know a reason for doing so.

Other buttons under this tab include more links to information about either useful or more advanced things. All users (unless already familiar with the topics) are recommended to check the links under “Package management” and “AUR & yay!” buttons. Buttons related to hardware may also be very useful if you have that hardware. And “Forum tips” provides general tips for the Forum usage.

Add More Apps

The last tab includes buttons for installing some popular applications.

Even though these apps are popular and useful, we’ve chosen not to install them by default. This gives users a better opportunity to “tailor” their system, but still have an easy way to install these apps.

By the way, do you remember that the previous tab included a button “AUR & yay!”? As you (should!) know by now, pacman is the main package manager in EndeavourOS. It manages packages that are available from the Arch Linux repositories. But there is a huge amount of more apps available in the AUR (Arch User Repository) but that is not managed by pacman. That’s why EndeavourOS provides another package manager, yay. It is like pacman, but supports AUR applications in addition to Arch Linux repositories.


The welcome greeter app will become more powerful over time.
The purpose of “welcome” is not to give all possible help in all possible situations, but simply help going in the right direction without a great hassle. And “welcome” should provide more useful features in the future, so it is not a helper only in the beginning, but a truly useful app to have and keep using.

So, enjoy!

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