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We do not enable Bluetooth per default, as it would be a security risk, and causing more power use also.

install needed stuff:

sudo pacman -S --needed bluez bluez-utils pulseaudio-bluetooth

graphical GUIS to configure and manage bluetooth:

blueberry (gtk) [recommended for XFCE]
bluedevil (qt) [Integrate the Bluetooth technology within KDE workspace and applications]
blueman (gtk) [can be used in Desktop Environments independent]

Big ones like KDE/plasma and GNOME ship their own Bluetooth GUI inside settings.

to use Bluetooth you will mainly need to enable it per default to start on every boot, or start it for the current session to use it only once:

sudo systemctl start bluetooth –> start till next reboot/power off system

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth –> enable to start on booting the machine (permanent)

If you want to have Bluetooth enabled per default and start it immediately:

sudo systemctl enable --now bluetooth

Connect Bluetooth Headset with blueberry:

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