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Optimus Nvidia GTX 10xx

If you have a newer Nvidia-Intel hybrid Notebook like a combination this user have:

  • Kaby Lake (Core i7) Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU
  • GPUs HD Graphics 630 und GP106M [GeForce GTX 1060 Mobile]

You may have an issue booting our ISO on default boot option as you can read here in german:


With a little trick you can get EndeavourOS installed:

#1 Boot on the Nvidia boot option (Even if there is that this does not work for hybrid cards)

#2 Install system of your choice (Nvidia drivers will be installed automatically)

#3 Boot into your new installed system

#4 install optimus-manager:

if you are on KDE/Plasma or LXQT or Deepin:

yay -S optimus-manager-qt

On others:

yay -S optimus-manager

#5 reboot system

#6 check optimus manager service (should be running)

systemctl status optimus-manager

To start and enable it run (if it is not running):

sudo systemctl enable --now optimus-manager

#7 Now switch to Nvidia GPU, right-click on the Tray and select “Switch to Nvidia“


  • optimus-manager will only work on Xorg session not on Wayland.
  • If you are running Gnome with GDm you need to install gdm-prime.

For more information read at the source for it:


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