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A GUI app for selecting Arch mirrors

By: Manuel
Date: 2019-Dec-12

Mirror ranking or selecting the best mirrors (package servers) can be done with a command line utility called reflector. A GUI wrapper for reflector is reflector-simple. It provides a simple graphical user interface:

All countries having Arch mirrors are shown, and any combination of them can be selected. Typical selection includes your country (if available on the list) and/or countries near your country, because usually the closest mirrors are the fastest. And note the word Worldwide in the beginning of this list, which means (as far as I know) it should work reasonably well in most geographical areas.

After the list of countries, there are some ranking options. Most of these options have a counterpart in reflector. For example, selecting Include https mirrors means using the -p https option with reflector.

The following table shows the correspondence between the selections and reflector:

SelectionReflector optionPurpose
Include https mirrors--protocolInclude mirrors that use https protocol.
Include http mirrors--protocolInclude mirrors that use http protocol.
Use /etc/reflector-auto.confIf package reflector-auto is installed, you may automatically re-use its configuration file.
Max hours from latest mirror sync--ageAccept only mirrors that have been synchronized with the master mirror within the last given number of hours.
Sort by--sortHow to sort/rank the resulting list of mirrors. The best mirrors will be placed in the beginning of the list of mirrors.
Max number of mirrors--numberReturn at most the given number of mirrors.


reflector --help

gives more information about reflector’s options.

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