When the popular Arch-based distro Antergos ended their run in May 2019, it left a friendly and extremely helpful community behind. Within a matter of days after the announcement, Bryan Poerwoatmodjo (Bryanpwo) opted the idea to continue the community feeling on a new forum that would invite any Arch or Arch-based linux user in the group. The idea got a lot of response, but when Johannes Kamprad (Joekamprad), Fernando Omiechuk Frozi (Fernandomaroto) and Manuel (Manuel) joined him to set up the project, the plan changed very quickly from preserving the former community to a distro creation with that vibrant community in its core.

EndeavourOS had its first stable release on July 15th 2019.

Meet the team

Bryan Poerwoatmodjo
project leader
Fernando Omiechuk Frozi
ISO developer
Johannes Kamprad
ISO and theme developer
Repo package developer

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