Welcome to EndeavourOS

Are you that distro-hopper that always have been curious to try Archlinux, but you think you aren’t confident enough to do the install process and dealing with bleeding-edge releases after install? Or are you already familiar with Archlinux, but you’re looking for an express install with a system that’s close to your beloved distro?

No matter which category you’re in, we can offer you the solution to make your jump-start in the flexible and wonderful world that an Arch-based distro can offer.

The beginning of a Linux journey

We’re offering you an install process with a friendly installer that will set up your system in a headache-free and swift manner.

EndeavourOS is mainly a terminal-centric distro with some GUI tools out of the box, like our Welcome app, reflector-auto and a kernel tool to make your jumpstart easier. With these tools and the power of the terminal, we offer you the opportunity to give you full control from the start in creating a system that suits your idea in computing.

This may seem daunting but with our wiki and the help of our very active and friendly community, your endeavour will be an interesting and fun learning experience and to top it all, you also have an informative online magazine to your disposal, named Discovery.

Stupid questions simply don’t exist with us, we’re happy to help you through your system and the terminal commands from beginning to end in a friendly manner. Once you’ve discovered the endless possibilities the system has to offer, and trust us this comes sooner than you think, your distro-hopping days are a thing of the past.

Install the Desktop Environment of your choice

We offer a variety of eight Desktop Environments and one Window Manager, all of them are shipped with a modest selection of apps and packages to start your journey.

Amongst those are Firefox, a text editor called Nano, Yay a terminal-based wrapper for the AUR to search and install popular apps like Spotify, browsers such as Vivaldi or Brave and many more apps and packages.

It also ships with the Nvidia-installer that automatically installs the right Nvidia driver for you after you enabled it and our own reflector-auto to help you search for the fastest download mirror near to you.

In-house developed apps

Our in-house developed Welcome app is your reliable assistant to get you in the right direction and you’ll never miss an update with our EndeavourOS update-notifier.

Close to Archlinux

With the exception for our in-house developed reflector-auto, eos-welcome, a kernel manager and the eos-update-notifier, all the packages are directly installed from the Arch repos or the AUR, so there are no customized or modified packages coming from our own repo. We want to stay as close to Archlinux as possible.

Desktop Environments

All Desktop Environments in the online installer will be installed without theming and offer the choice to install our wallpaper after install.

The installation

We are using the Calamares installer and when you are starting your install by clicking on the Start the installer button of the Welcome app in our live environment, it asks you which install you prefer: Offline or online.

Offline installer

The offline edition will install a fully themed Xfce, perfect for a ready to go and fast install.

Online installer

The online installer provides you to choose from eight Desktop Environments and one Window Manager. The necessary base install is already checked, all you have to do is choose your desired DE or Window Manager.

Xfce offline edition

The offline installer installs a fully and elegant themed Xfce Desktop Environment that is packed with all the packages mentioned earlier. If you decide later on, for any reason, to go back to vanilla themed Xfce, the Welcome app has a button to remove our theme in an instant.

Xfce online edition

The online installer will provide you with a vanilla themed Xfce, ready to be configured to your liking.

Xfce is lightweight and doesn’t get in your way, perfect for lower-end hardware with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.


A lightweight Desktop Environment that supports newer technologies with a traditional Desktop. For Mate, we recommend a minimum of 2 GB of RAM.


LXQt is a lightweight Qt desktop environment that will not get in your way, so it will not hang or slow down your system. It is focused on being a classic desktop with a modern look and feel. For LXQt, we recommend a minimum of 2GB of RAM.


i3-wm is a lightweight Window Manager that operates exclusively with the keyboard. Our version has a simple and easy configuration with LXappearance to handle GTK themes. We do ship the configuration with an easy (and clickable) cheat sheet to get you started. Due to its light resources it really has a small footprint.


Cinnamon is a Linux desktop environment reminiscent of GNOME 2 that offers flexibility, speed. For Cinnamon, we recommend 4GB of RAM and up.


Plasma is made to stay out of the way as it helps you get things done. But under its light and intuitive surface, it’s a powerhouse. So you’re free to choose ways of usage right as you need them and when you need them. For Plasma, we recommend a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.


Is a modern and customizable Desktop Environment that lets you get things done. For Gnome, we recommend a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.


A Desktop Environment, you can mix modernity and traditions. Based on a classical display and an all-in-one settings bar for music, video and more. For Budgie, we recommend a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.


An elegant and modern looking Desktop Environment with its own unique and intuitive functionality. For Deepin we, recommend a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.

So, are you tired of distro-hopping or are you looking for a new challenge in your (fixed) Linux experience? Jump in and take that first endeavour step in the next chapter of your Linux journey with us……..

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