Welcome to EndeavourOS

Are you that distro-hopper that always have been curious to try Archlinux, but you think you aren’t confident enough to do the install process and dealing with bleeding-edge releases after install? Or are you already familiar with Archlinux, but you’re looking for an express install with a system that’s close to your beloved Distro?

No matter which category you’re in, we can offer you the solution to make your jump-start in the flexible and wonderful world that an Arch-based distro can offer.

We’re offering you an installation with a friendly installer that will set up your system in a headache-free and swiftly manner.

After install you’re set up with a lightly customized and an almost bare Xfce desktop shipped with Firefox, our in-house update-notifier, an AUR helper called Yay and a welcome greeter that guides you through the first steps, ready to discover the endless possibilities an Arch-based system has. At first glance, EndeavourOS may look intimidating with its terminal commands, but we have the premium advantage of an active and friendly community, our wiki and an online magazine called Discovery to guide you through your journey into Archlinux.

Stupid questions simply don’t exist with us, we’re happy to help you through your system and the terminal commands from beginning to end in a friendly manner. Once you’ve discovered the endless possibilities the system has to offer, and trust us this comes sooner than you think, your distro-hopping days are a thing of the past.

So, are you tired of distro-hopping or are you looking for a new challenge in your (fixed) Linux experience? Jump in and take that first endeavour step in the next chapter of your Linux journey with us……..

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