At this moment we live in a shaken up world and its effects are brutally visible, whether it is in front of your doorstep, in your own home, at work or on the news. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bring you our view on the state of the world, that isn’t our intention. After all, we’re a Linux distro where everybody is welcome from several walks of life.

No, the reason for my somewhat doom and gloom intro has all to do with something we as devs of this distro already knew, but it has reached far beyond the Endeavour realms. I’m talking about our booster rockets and fuel tank that keeps Endeavour orbiting in the Linux universe: Our incredible community…

Only a year ago, Joe, Fernando, Manuel and I were figuring out how to develop the platform Endeavour was going to use. With that all sorts of questions and doubts surrounding it.

Will we achieve our goals? Or will the community stick with us? Or how are we going to achieve the community to donate?

Those questions and fears turned out to be irrational, in fact, you’ve exceeded our expectations. Not in our wildest dreams, we didn’t expect the community to be this loyal and day-in and day-out effortlessly helping newbies and each other with every single issue in a matter that only can be described as a warm ball of endless energy and love, especially in times like these.

We’ve welcomed quite a number of new members and lately our donations are increasing. The latter has ensured our infrastructure future for at least a year and it gives us the possibilities to look into offering fun things like stickers, mugs and other of those kind of things.

We possibly cannot express our gratitude and love for the effort and energy, you all provide us on a daily bases, simply because no word in any language in the world covers our feelings for you, so…

Thank you, Dank je wel, Danke, Takk, Obrigado, Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Спасибо, Dziękuję, Kiitos, σε ευχαριστώ and Mulţumesc.

You are incredibly awesome and we have the utmost respect for you all, only for being that.

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