Latest release

We’re proud to present to you our latest stable release:


The ISO contains:

  • Linux kernel 5.4.1
  • Mesa 19.2.6-1
  • Firefox 70.0.1-3(Quantum)
  • Systemd 243.162-2
  • eos-update-notifier which replaces Kalu
  • The updated EndeavourOS welcome launcher on both the live environment as on the installed system. Besides being a one-click menu to the wiki for the basic system commands and setting up your hardware, it also offers to install UFW (firewall), LibreOffice, Chromium and Bluetooth manager for Xfce.

We also took care of some bugfixes:

  • We removed the xf86-video-nouveau package and are using the mod-setting driver in the Linux kernel instead. At this moment the best option to let the ISO boot on Nvidia card systems, including the newer ones.
  • Due to the updated kernel and mesa packages, the issue with newer AMD graphic cards not booting the ISO or showing flickering screens with artefacts has been solved.
  • Calamares isn’t looking for updates anymore since this slowed down the install process for a lot of users. Instead, we offer this service in the welcome menu after install.
  • A general cleanup

As a reminder to Nvidia card users, our nvidia-installer is installed by default after install. You only have to follow our wiki for instructions, the link is provided in our Welcome menu.

When you’ve discovered a bug in our ISO you can report them over here.

You can download over here:

While you’re waiting for your download to be complete, you might want to read the following link:

To check the ISO file with the md5sum:

To check the ISO file with gpg signature download the sig file:

import our key and verify:

gpg --recv CB23504F
gpg --verify endeavouros-2019.12.03-x86_64.iso.sig

Key details:

EndeavourOS <info{at}>

Key-ID: CB23504F

Type: RSA

Key-length: 2048

Fingerprint: 497A F50C 92AD 2384 C56E 1ACA 003D B8B0 CB23 504F

For those who are interested and even help us by giving us feedback, you can read in our source code over here:

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