We’re proud to present to you our latest release:


Our latest release of the combined offline and online installer is available over here.

The offline option installs a fully themed Xfce and the online option provides you with the choice of seven Desktop Environments Xfce, Mate, LXQt, LXDE, Cinnamon, Plasma, Gnome, Budgie, window manager Openbox and tiling window managers i3-WM, BSPWM, Sway, Qtile and Worm.

We already checked the box for the necessary base install in the online installer menu, all you have to do is check the box of your desired DE.

The live environment and the Xfce offline edition are shipping:

  • Calamares 3.2.60
  • Firefox 101.0.1
  • Linux kernel 5.18.5
  • Mesa 22.1.2
  • Xorg-Server 21.1.3
  • nvidia-dkms 515.48.07

New features and fixes

  • Archlinux-keyring and endeavouros-keyring get updated before starting the online installation to avoid keyring issues.
  • pipewire-media-session has been replaced with wireplumber
  • The offline Xfce install received a huge clean-up with the help of community member Keybreak
  • budgie-control-center has been added to the EndeavourOS repo for a smoother and native Budgie experience.
  • Xfce4 and i3 install will not autostart firewall-applet by default anymore.
  • Added support for downgrading EndeavourOS packages (eos-downgrade).
  • Installation option for EndeavourOS ARM

Just a small warning: Sway doesn’t run well in several Virtual machines, it will be completely running without issues on real hardware.

When you’ve discovered a bug in this release you can report them over here, your experiences will help us improve our future ISOs.

You can download it over here:

Check the ISO file before using it:

To check the ISO file with the sha512:

sha512sum -c EndeavourOS_Artemis-22_6.iso.sha512sum

To check the ISO file with gpg signature import our key and verify

(Do not forget to trust the key after validating it)

This ISO is signed by: joekamprad <joekamprad{at}endeavouros.com>

Short pubkey-ID: CDF595A1

Long pubkey-ID: E3D8752ACDF595A1

get the key:

gpg --recv-keys CDF595A1

or with a keyserver other than default:

gpg --keyserver hkps://keys.openpgp.org --recv-keys E3D8752ACDF595A1

(OpenPGP server wants the long ID )

set trust (follow the output):

gpg --edit-key CDF595A1

verify ISO signature:

gpg --verify EndeavourOS_Artemis-22_6.iso.sig

Key details:

joekamprad <joekamprad{at}endeavouros.com>

Key-ID: CDF595A1 / E3D8752ACDF595A1

Type: RSA

Key-length: 2048


8F43 FC37 4CD4 CEEA 19CE
E323 E3D8 752A CDF5 95A1
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