We’re proud to present to you our latest release:


Our latest release of the combined offline and online installer is available over here.

The offline option installs a fully themed Xfce and the online option provides you with the choice of seven Desktop Environments Xfce, Mate, LXQt, Cinnamon, Plasma, Gnome, Budgie and tiling window managers i3-WM, BSPWM and Sway.

We already checked the box for the necessary base install in the online installer menu, all you have to do is check the box of your desired DE.

The live environment and the Xfce offline edition are shipping:

  • Calamares
  • Firefox 87.0-2
  • Linux kernel 5.11.14-arch-1-1
  • Mesa 21.0.2-1
  • nvidia-dkms 465.24.02-1


  • Auto-login – Bugfix on DE not opening when chosen auto-login during installation on Calamares.
  • Send logs to Pastebin – Calamares is now shipping with a send logs to Pastebin feature, making tracking down the cause of a failed installation easier for us, once posted on our community platforms.
  • Nvidia – Improvements for Nvidia hardware boot for both the Live ISO and installed systems, addressing the issue of the Nvidia driver not kicking in after GRUB had started.
  • yad-eos – The window size issue on our EOS tools has been addressed by shipping a forked and improved YAD version, the package our tools are based on, in our repo is called yad-eos.
  • Update button – The update button for our Welcome app has been removed from the Live environment since it isn’t necessary to update the tool itself and ultimately was causing the welcome app not to appear back after the update button was clicked, making an installation impossible.
  • Virtualbox oracle extension – The Oracle extensions pack, needed to enable the USB function on Virtualbox, has been added to our repo. (not installed by default)
  • Reflector-simple – Reflector simple on the Welcome app is now showing a progress widow when ranking the mirrors.
  • Clean-up – A thorough clean-up of our packages to keep our ISO under 2GB.
New software news button

New features on the Welcome app:

  • Pacdiff – An essential tool to manage changes in system and package configuration files. Welcome’s Pacdiff button starts Pacdiff with the support of a GUI tool that makes viewing and merging changes easy.
  • Software news – A new button that informs the user of important workarounds or solutions for bugs, changes or manual interventions. This feature is specially made for our users that don’t visit our community platforms frequently.
  • Download more EndeavourOS wallpapers – This button downloads the classic wallpapers that we used as our default in previous releases and a selection of community-made wallpapers, with additions or changes each release.
  • Choose one of the EndeavourOS wallpapers – lets you choose the wallpapers and display it on the desktop with a few simple clicks.

Here are two videos to explain the refreshed pacdiff tool and the new Calamares send log tool:

BSPWM and Sway

After months of talking and teasing, we are proud to announce two other community editions, ARM being the first, the tiling window managers BSPWM and Sway.

BSPWM is a tiling window manager that is based on Xorg and Sway being the i3-wm replacement running on Wayland. Both editions are customized by our community members with an EndeavourOS touch and can run independently or on top of a DE. The ones shipped on the ISO are not based on a specific DE to keep them lightweight.

Here is a video that explains the installation of the two tiling window managers:

As a reminder to Nvidia card users, our nvidia-installer is installed by default after install. You only have to follow our wiki for instructions, the link is provided in our Welcome menu.

When you’ve discovered a bug in this release you can report them over here, your experiences will help us improve our future ISOs.

A little warning on the Canadian Birdrepo

Due to an upstream webserver bug, downloading a full ISO will need a manual restart after 1 GB has been downloaded. Also, until now downloads (full ISO) outside Canada have been reported as slow. Downloading package updates from the repos are handled as quickly as the other mirrors. For Canadian users, however, this mirror is a welcome addition with a more than acceptable performance.

You can download over here:

NameLocationISOTorrentSha512sumGPG sig file
Alpix GermanyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Birdrepo CanadaDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Easylee The NetherlandsDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Freedif GermanyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Freedif VietnamDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Github World wideDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Linux Pizza SwedenDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Tuna ChinaDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Umeå University SwedenDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload

Check the ISO file before using it:

To check the ISO file with the sha512:

sha512sum -c endeavouros-2021.04.17-x86_64.iso.sha512sum

To check the ISO file with gpg signature import our key and verify

(Do not forget to trust our key after validating it)

gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys CB23504F

gpg --verify endeavouros-2021.04.17-x86_64.iso.sig

Key details:

EndeavourOS <info{at}endeavouros.com>

Key-ID: CB23504F

Type: RSA

Key-length: 2048


 497A F50C 92AD 2384 C56E 
 1ACA 003D B8B0 CB23 504F  

Are you interested in our latest development?

For those who are interested or even want to help us by giving us feedback, you can read our source code over here:


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