All I want for Christmas

Coming soon!

* A big shoutout to Karl Schneider for providing us with the artwork.

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Notable Replies

  1. Wow this is really sharp! Great work Karl Schneider. :+1:

  2. Avatar for ve9cbc ve9cbc says:

    Looking forward to the present left under the fibre-optic Christmas tree! :+1:

  3. @Bryanpwo What would really look good also if he could put EndeavourOS above or below the icons in the top background. What ever looks the best, and also in the bottom background where it say’s coming soon. Actually in the top background it could be below and have the reflection coming off endeavourOS also? just a thought! What ever looks the appropriate. It is his art work.

  4. He’s mainly busy with Peppermint OS, that’s his main commitment in the Linux world. These two are simply revamps on what he created a year ago. (the original had Tux in the middle with all the DE and main distros on it. The same goes for the Christmas tree)
    I requested that and I’m happy he found the time to make them.

  5. This is really awesome. i’m really glad that I’m part of EOS.

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