Summer is nearing its end on the northern hemisphere, leaves are starting to change colour and the number of hours of daylight is getting shorter. In other words, autumn is coming……

Autumn brings a certain responsibility for us towards you……

Let’s say……..

A promise we have to deliver……


Keep an eye out on our website, forum, Twitter, Mastodon or Telegram for an announcement on that promise on:

Saturday, September 28th 2019

Because the convenient freedom of choice is nearly a mouseclick away.

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  1. How… It smells like net-install to me… Am I wrong or right? :nerd_face:

  2. Avatar for TomZ TomZ says:

    How about an early release to the community?
    I happen to have an empty VM waiting for an ISO :slight_smile:

  3. Avatar for DevNul DevNul says:

    There comes instantly one thing to my mind…

  4. Avatar for Maddi Maddi says:

    It can’t be… But… Can it?

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