Fernando, Joe, Manuel and myself often receive all the praise and glory from you guys for doing a great job on the distro.

We do our best to transfer our positivity to the community day in and day out, although you all don’t need much encouragement, but there are limitations to what four guys can transcend. Trust me, even though we like what we’re doing, it takes a lot of energy to serve all your burning questions and since time-zones are relentless on the idea of globalisation, here’s our praise to the people who take that extra step to keep the positivity flowing.


According to the description, Moderators are normal users with extended access to the forum. Well to us they do so much more, they answer community members questions and go all the way until the problem is fixed when we are busy sticking our noses in the screen, sleeping or being at work. Their lightning-fast response every day, without losing their cool gives EndeavourOS that extra special touch.

Judd – We’re happy to see here, being a former Antergos moderator.

Nate – Who’s also the brains behind our logo.

Pudge – Again a longtime former Antergos member who earned his mileage over here.

Ricklinux – A very active wizzard who throws out his knowledge in a very swift and very friendly way.

Ringo – The man who serves on both the forum and most of all on Telegram.


Our language area is gaining in use, you might not notice, but I can tell by the visitors that come to the website and forum.

Spanish: Kaliu, Jinkros, Anticupidon and folgui.

Romanion: Anticupidon

German: DevNul

Russian: Vlpo

Special shout out

A special shout out to:

Fred Bezies – For bringing out bug reports on our ongoing work on the Github page.

Jinkros – For leading the Spanish Telegram group.

Galvez_65 – For your contribution to our Github page.

Of course we’re grateful to all of you for attending our forum and Telegram channel to keep the flow and contributions going, but now you’ve met the unsung heroes of EndeavourOS…….

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