Due to Joe’s workload and Fernando not being able to work properly on the Calamares installer, we have decided not to release the net-installer on November 15th.

Technically, the net-installer is ready to be released, but with practically two men down in the team, it is impossible for us to anticipate on incoming bug-reports. That is the reason why we made this decision.

Help is welcome

Behind the scenes, we are working on a solution but we cannot tell you when the net-installer is going to be released. If you like to help us, please contact us, we’re in need of coders.

Calamares offline installer

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the shutdown of EndeavourOS, we are still going to release our monthly updated offline installer.


Today the launch of our Discovery magazine was also put on hold, but to end this announcement on a positive note, I’m pleased to tell you that it will go live tomorrow.

It is an online magazine with news, community contributions and articles written with a non-technical approach.

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