Due to Joe’s workload and Fernando not being able to work properly on the Calamares installer, we have decided not to release the net-installer on November 15th.

Technically, the net-installer is ready to be released, but with practically two men down in the team, it is impossible for us to anticipate on incoming bug-reports. That is the reason why we made this decision.

Help is welcome

Behind the scenes, we are working on a solution but we cannot tell you when the net-installer is going to be released. If you like to help us, please contact us, we’re in need of coders.

Calamares offline installer

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the shutdown of EndeavourOS, we are still going to release our monthly updated offline installer.


Today the launch of our Discovery magazine was also put on hold, but to end this announcement on a positive note, I’m pleased to tell you that it will go live tomorrow.

It is an online magazine with news, community contributions and articles written with a non-technical approach.

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  1. I hope that EndeavourOS will be able to get some more people to work on it. Three people is not really enough. (I think that the lack of help is what doomed Antergos.)

    Perhaps if you placed requests on the main page, that might attract some coders. (I wish I knew how to code; if I were twenty years younger I might have tried to learn.)

    The distribution is becoming very, very popular. That is because it is so good. You guys are doing a fabulous job. But more help is needed and I hope that you can find some good people to join the team.


  2. Hello!

    The cnchi-based installer of RebornOS works without problems.

    Take the opportunity to greet and wish all of you an excellent future.

    By RebornOS: Rafael Costa Rega (Developer)

  3. My post was only in response that you axt said that RebornOS did not have an online installer. To get you out of doubt, we do have it, and it is based on cnchi, and it does work for us. I said nothing about a collaboration with EndeavorOS. It is only for you to be informed.

    How are you Bryanpwo? Here visiting you, and congratulating you again for such a good working group that you have formed. I hope you can excuse my English, but it is not my native language. You have a very good website! I’m glad you liked our website. To continue spreading Linux!

    Best regards!


  4. Avatar for ringo ringo says:

    chnci is kinda offtopi and chnci have no issues with it in the past… with almost 2gig antergos install in vbox worked always better then the opensuse netinstaller somehowe… every installer has its pros&cons, and videoconfiguration is for me not so linked to an installer rater more to a base/iso or something …

  5. I am a coder and i might be willing to help.

    I dont have a lot of experience working on large projects or contributing, but i wanted to start contributing to some projects.

    what language is this in, c/c++ (where im most comfortable) or something else? and do you guys actually need help?

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