Before our big net-installer release in December, we’ve informed you that our release cycle in 2020 would be bi-monthly instead of the previous monthly release.

Development-wise, a lot has changed in the past two months. We are excited to announce that the help from our community members working actively to improve the ISO and our infrastructure has increased.

There are some great projects going on that we’re developing in collaboration with the community such as GFX boot, to choose between an Nvidia, AMD or regular boot for the ISO, translations for our Welcome app and setting up our mirror. There’s also a “How to setup EndeavourOS on a home server”-manual in the making.

Upcoming release

At the moment we are in the process to create and refine our next release, which will contain the following features:

  • Translations for the Welcome app
  • Luks encryption in Calamares
  • Updated branding and theming for Calamares
  • A separate Nvidia ISO, so users with a newer Nvidia GPU can boot the ISO
  • The regular core system updates such as the Linux kernel and mesa updates


Due to the developments in the world, we weren’t completely focused on the development of the ISO and therefore the release will be delayed. We advise you to use the online installer for now, the offline installer might give you issues after install.

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