Just a while ago we’ve created a bug report section on our website and we’re very grateful that most of the community members found their way to it.

Bug reports are very important because if we don’t know of the existence of a bug in the system, we will never fix it.

However, there might be a big misunderstanding not only in the Endeavour community but in the entire Linux community about who is responsible for solving a bug in the system. This misunderstanding is a very understandable one, so I’m going to try and shed a better light on it.

As a distro, we make use of several apps and packages from different Open source developers or organisations. If a package causes trouble because we’ve implemented it the wrong way in our system, we are responsible for that to fix it and we will do that as soon as possible, within the time that is available to us.

Sometimes, after researching an issue, we discover it is an upstream problem with that particular package or even desktop environment. If that scenario comes up, we submit a bug report to the concerning dev team.

This may seem strange to a lot of you, but if you also submit a bug report to the concerning dev team, that team will know that the issue affects more than one user. The Linux community is relatively small and therefore you might assume that all devs know each other and we’re all one big Linux dev team, divided into sub-teams. I think that this vision is a big wish not only for the community but for devs as well, unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

To make the entire Linux experience gain quality, please keep sending bug reports to the concerning dev teams of your favourite distro, application or package. Don’t put them in the, that application or distro sucked let’s uninstall and move over to another one, box.

I realise it might seem like an extra burden to you, but by doing so, it will keep those projects alive, instead of dying an unexplained death.

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