The 15th of July is very near, but just before releasing the stable release we present you the new Beta release.

The previous issues we had with the transparent terminal and the installer accidentally being installed on the installed system are tackled in this version. Also, Joe and Fernando worked very hard on the theming, but at the last moment in the live environment, the wallpaper isn’t completely displayed. We’re aware of that and we will fix it, on the installed system the wallpaper shows correctly, so this problem only occurs in the live environment.

We also cleaned up our repo, since the last Beta had a lot of old Antergos packages we don’t use. For Nvidia users we have good news, the Nvidia-installer returned in our repo, but the Nvidia 340xx package isn’t included anymore since this one is officially dropped. For users with a legacy card, we recommend using the Nouveau driver instead.

We hope you will enjoy this release as much as you did with the previous one and feedback is more than welcome.

The Beta release is available on our download page.

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  1. Hello.

    I wanted to play with EndeavourOS even if I was not really a good friend of Antergos for some technical reasons such as an overcrowded and partially outdated third party repository.

    But as I am a long time archlinux user - my first installation was back in 2009.02 days or so - I wanted to see what this project provides.

    So here are some feedbacks with links to opened bugs on github tracker.

    1. There is no mail client by default. If you click on mail client icon, you’ll get a dialog box asking you to select your prefered mail client. Ouch!

    2. As of today, july 10th, there is no wallpaper in live environment but there is one in installed environment.

    3. Some software are useless, like cmake, ghex and elinks. Removing them and replacing them by gvfs-plugins could be a great addition to UX. (bug #3)

    4. In order to preserve user privacy, what about adding firefox-ublock-origin package? (bug#2)

    Just replace bug number in both urls.

    If you need some beta tests, I can help on my spare time.

  2. Install with disk encryption enabled will not boot:

    • Asks for passphrase for partition ([uuid]) and gets it
    • pauses for 30+ seconds
    • error: acces denied.
    • error: no suck cryptodisk found.
    • error: disk `cryptouuid/[the same uuid] not found.

    I can mount decrypt & mount the partition manually if I boot from the usb stick

    Edit: if set up with a separate boot partition I can get past this, but still will not start (will continue with details in next post).

  3. @Bryanpwo @joekamprad @fernandomaroto @nate
    The count down is on to launch! I just want to congratulate you guys for pulling this off in such a short time. I hope i haven’t missed anyone. I know there is still a ton of work to be done. I am looking forward to the online installer and i realize this is a huge endeavour no pun intended! :grinning: I have installed and tried the beta more times than i want to count. I have just got off the full install of Arch done the hard way and i’m back. EndeavourOS is Arch done with flare. It’s drawn me in just like Antergos did. I keep coming back looking for more …intrigued with what i see. Without Antergos and the community i probably would have moved to another distro. I am happy to see that a lot of the Antergos community has joined. I look forward to see Endeavour on the distrowatch list and watch it climb. Appreciate all the hard work and time involved.
    So as the count down begins 2019-07-14T04:00:00Z… Happy Launch Day!

  4. If someone will try, i do upload a new Beta with some changes to locale and enhancements for the DE:


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