The 15th of July is very near, but just before releasing the stable release we present you the new Beta release.

The previous issues we had with the transparent terminal and the installer accidentally being installed on the installed system are tackled in this version. Also, Joe and Fernando worked very hard on the theming, but at the last moment in the live environment, the wallpaper isn’t completely displayed. We’re aware of that and we will fix it, on the installed system the wallpaper shows correctly, so this problem only occurs in the live environment.

We also cleaned up our repo, since the last Beta had a lot of old Antergos packages we don’t use. For Nvidia users we have good news, the Nvidia-installer returned in our repo, but the Nvidia 340xx package isn’t included anymore since this one is officially dropped. For users with a legacy card, we recommend using the Nouveau driver instead.

We hope you will enjoy this release as much as you did with the previous one and feedback is more than welcome.

The Beta release is available on our download page.

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