Our first part of the mission was very successful, launching a working distro with a website and forum to attract and house the community.

As you already know, after the launch we immediately went back to the drawing board to develop the next part of the mission and now the time has arrived to reveal to you what our next step is going to be.


From the very first moment our current installer was launched, you knew we were going to release the net-installer somewhere in the near future.

To remind you, it’s going to be the Calamares installer with the option to choose the offline option that will install the Xfce desktop that you’re used to from us or the online installer in which you can choose one from several desktop environments to install on your system.

Xfce as flagship

With the net-installer, we’re going to offer several desktop environments, but Xfce will stay our flagship DE and shall receive the most attention in development, the other DE’s will be presented as closer to a vanilla DE.

Currently we are testing several versions of the net-installer, each version with improvements and it is getting more and more into shape.

You can expect a release date for the net-installer very soon.


The community is known for helping each other in a friendly matter to overcome problems or just give advice on packages and apps.

In addition to that help, we’re going to issue a magazine once quarterly to explain the background of Arch commands and give a better understanding of what you’re typing and ordering your system to perform.

It also will highlight, each issue, some packages and apps from both the Arch repo as the AUR, that can make your experience a smoother one or a fun discovery.

To keep in line with the name of this distro, the magazine is going to be called Discovery. Yet another name that came from one of James Cook’s vessels and more recently in the line of names of the Space Shuttle fleet.

Discovery will be released on November 1st 2019.


This question came up regularly on the forum, what about a proper donations channel?

Well, in July we opened an account (collective) on Open Collective and applied for a fiscal host to handle our donations, expenses and taxes.

We chose this format to keep the project rolling and future proof. As you know, when Antergos ended their run, we couldn’t take over the flag and carry on. The reason for the Antergos devs to end the project was a more than understandable reason and it could happen to one or all of us in the current team. If we or one of us decide to pursue another dream in the future, it doesn’t have to be the end of EndeavourOS as well.

Yesterday in the late afternoon, we received the news that Open Collective Europe ASBL has approved our request to handle our donations, so from now on you can contribute a donation through our Open Collective page.

We offer two models of donations:

  • Contributor: for a single donation in an amount of your choice starting from 5 EURO.
  • Backer: for a monthly donation from 5 EURO or up.

We’re grateful for any amount you can afford, it keeps the project up and running. For further information, you can visit our donation page.

I hope you’re as excited to our news as we are and from us in Mission Control, we hope you’ll join us for countdown very soon….

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