It has been nearly two months ago since we released our jam-packed September release and our ARM branch so with a refresh ISO update coming up later this month, I thought this would be a great time to share some thoughts with you in our preparation to close 2020 and to get ready for 2021 with strength and positivity.

What to expect from us in the near future

Development on EndeavourOS is an ongoing process, just like the base system that lies in our foundation.

Some of the things you can expect in the near future are the further development for ARM, a revamped Discovery with a more active link to the forum and new development coming out of FLVAL’s creative hat.

November release

At this moment Joe, Fernando, FLVAL and Manuel are hard at work to make the November release happen. On the contrary to the September release, this release will be more low-profiled with the main focus to bring the offline installer and the Calamares installer itself up to date.

There is a group of community members led by Penguin1 that are enthusiastically working on an EndeavourOS spin of BSPWM with the purpose for it being added in the near future as an option in the Calamares installer. Just to be clear, BSPWM will not be introduced on the November release but will find its way when it is finished.

EndeavourOS is getting stronger

Our community is growing and with that growth, there’s a noticeable increase in knowledge and ideas lately. We already received enthusiastic offers to help us with wiki articles and, as mentioned earlier, a WM set-up. Your enthusiasm is a key component to EndeavourOS’ success.

With a big amount of success comes an equal amount of responsibility and it is the latter that is becoming a bit too much to handle for a small team.

In case you saw the last remark as an immediate concern, rest assured, the responsibility isn’t draining us…. yet!

To prevent EndeavourOS from turning into endurance for the development team, we are looking for new core team members who want to help us to lighten the workflow especially on the Calamares development and ARM development.

If you want to help us but your mind is preventing you because you think you don’t have the knowledge, especially for Calamares, neither did the development team when we started out. Just let your gut make the decision for you and together we can go forward, often a fresh pair of eyes and new enthusiasm for the project can open eyes and possibilities to move forward.

If you want to help us, just contact us or let it know on the forum.

Last but certainly not least

To conclude this blog post, I couldn’t end without putting the spotlight on our strongest suit.

The vision we had from the start to build a distro around you, the community, has been a success from the start. In a relatively short time, you developed from an active and friendly community to an active and powerful launch- and knowledge base that lies in the core of the distro.

Every day you keep amazing us in how loyal and effortless you help out anyone who has a question or runs into an issue or helping out by bringing ideas or creating fantastic tutorials, day after day.

Not only do you support us with your valuable spare-time, but we are also amazed by the vast and loyal group that is supporting us financially also, even in tough times like these.

Thank you so much for that precious gift that keeps on giving, without that, we wouldn’t be where we are now!

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