EndeavourOS has been around the block for almost two years now, so we are a pretty young distro that still is exploring and discovering new options whilst making its journey. When we started our journey back in the last days of Antergos in 2019, there were a few thoughts of doubt that did linger in the back of my mind.

Will we be able to produce and maintain a distro and how are we going to reach new users? Given the fact that none of us had any experience in creating a distro and also, from the start, we had a fair share of an existing community watching over our shoulders, which didn’t make things easier to push that lingering feeling aside.

When we released our very first release, that lingering feeling of doubt disappeared and it was instantly replaced by astonishment and that dazzling feeling of amazement actually never stopped.

The power of a community

From the start, we built this distro around you, the community, and frankly, it was that part causing feelings of doubts with me. Back then, and I didn’t even share this with the team in those early days, I thought that if we could get 50 people to join us from the start and keep them with us in that first year, we had done a good job.

The opposite became reality and we were a bit clueless by the amount of support and help we received and still are receiving. Not only did you follow us, but from the start, you also became very helpful on the forum, Telegram, Twitter, Mastodon and later Reddit.

It is your community effort EndeavourOS is attracting new users, that the project has an ARM branch and very soon will have two new community editions shipping on the ISO.

Not only in that department you are showing us your support and trust, but you also show it by the generous amount of donations we are receiving. Every week we receive at least one new financial backer on our Open Collective account. The number of financial backers overwhelms us each and every time. You made it possible for us to be able to pay for the domain, server, software, make donations to Arch Linux and recently we made two hardware purchases.

It must be clear to you now that you have surpassed our expectations by a galaxy and I don’t care if you get tired of us thanking you because in my opinion there isn’t a limitation in showing you our appreciation.

Dear EndeavourOS community, you have always been and will always be the beating heart of this project. Thank you so much for donating your time, money, love and foremost trust to this project. Without those cherished factors EndeavourOS wouldn’t be able to continue its exciting journey.

You are truly a prime example of what the power of a community can achieve…

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