Today it is exactly one month since EndeavourOS was launched.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to do this every month to celebrate a micro anniversary and throw a whole conundrum like teenage love-puppies on steroids. For doing so I would also have counted the days and minutes…..


On a serious note now, from the early beginning since the idea of EndeavourOS was pitched until now there always has been one major focus item you all have your eyes set on and that’s the net-installer. This comes up almost daily on the forum, on Telegram and on my appearance on Big Daddy Linux Live it was even one of the first top questions asked.

As some of you might have noticed on our Github page, we are seriously building one and it’s in a very advanced state. I can tell you that Cnchi has been dropped from our future plans and in the trail of our offline-installer we’re going to stick with Calamares.

Besides the well-known offline installer, Calamares also has a net-installer. The advantage of keeping both installers in one family is that you can choose which installer you’d like to use with one single click at the start of the install.


Since our theming on our XFCE desktop has been received very well, many of you are wondering if we’re going to implement that theme on the other Desktop Environments. The answer is not all of them. For now, I can announce that we’re going to give Plasma, LXQT, Budgie, Cinnamon and Mate the EndeavourOS make-over. Deepin doesn’t need a make-over in our opinion and Gnome needs too many Gnome shell extensions to make it work, so this one is going to be installed as an almost vanilla DE.

Openbox and i3-wm

Earlier we announced that the Openbox and i3-wm will be installed untouched, but after consideration, we’ve decided to give them a make-over so it’s easy to start with both of them for anyone.

When to expect it

After all this exciting information I can tell you that the release of the net-installer will be in early fall. I know this sounds very vague, but we want to give you a proper installer to work with and to do so we need time to perfect it.

I hope I could’ve satisfied some of the most burning questions you have concerning the net-installer and once again thank you for the positive vibe in the community because in our eyes each one of you is rocking EndeavourOS as if there’s no tomorrow and we love you for it….

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