Today the new ISO release with updates and bugfixes was on our schedule for release.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that we have to postpone this release to Saturday the 17th of August.

Due to Sunday’s XFCE 4.14 release, some of the technical issues and theming need some proper fine-tuning. The way the new ISO installs the DE at this moment should raise more questions and tweaking from your side than you would probably like.

We’re very sorry we had to make this decision, but in the end, we thought it would be wiser to give it a day more work and attention to keep the quality of the ISO on a higher level, instead of an acceptable one.

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  1. Avatar for JR29 JR29 says:

    hello,it’s not so bad, if people want a more recent iso, they have to go through the github: they will have xfce4 4.14, it is necessary above all to correct the bugs

  2. … Why is that guy on fire, so calm? :rofl:

  3. Better to have a polished release than a rushed release.

    Keep up the great work you are all doing here

    Best Regards Zeb…

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  4. Because he knows that he has a great community behind him :wink:

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