It’s a lot earlier than we’ve said, but since the response on our beta releases and questions on development, we’ve decided to open the forum for you guys.

So, please join us and discuss our development or just say hi.

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Notable Replies

  1. Awesome work. Didn’t know we were so advanced. Thanks for your hard working Bryan!

  2. Well, don’t forget your contribution on this all.:pray:

  3. woohoo!! Happy for this further step towards an EndeavourOS universe.

    ME: just an avid, distrohopping Linux user. Was ‘larrylinux’ on Antergos forum.

    Really am anticipating using an EndeavourOS distro. Antergos had become my favorite distro and I was disappointed upon learning of their announced exit.

    I have been watching video after video of Arch installs and suffice it to say am grateful for the heroes that labor and care enough to produce and maintain an Arch-based distro.

    Great luck wished upon the EndeavourOS developers and a mighty THANK YOU


  4. New EOS user, but not new Linux user. I am distro hopper, but for sure stay longer with Endeavour OS.

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