It’s been a while since we have been in touch with you, so I thought it was time to give you a small update on what is happening behind the scenes.

Upcoming major release

The original Cassini Nova was launched in March of this year and usually, our Nova releases mean that a new major release is coming soon.

Don’t worry, our next major release, code name Galileo named after the NASA mission to Jupiter and its moons, is still on the horizon and very much happening.

The team is hard at work on this release but it will take a bit longer than you are used to.

The reason for this delay hasn’t got to do with us bringing big and groundbreaking changes we are planning.

No, it simply has to do with us all being more caught up with the challenges of life at the moment and EndeavourOS is still a project on the side for the entire team.

What I just wrote sounds pretty dramatic, but rest assured, the challenges I’m talking about are the usual suspects, work, family life, a chock-a-block timetable, you know what I’m talking about, the hum-drum shenanigans we all have to deal with in life.

So, does this mean Galileo isn’t going to bring any changes? Yes, of course! The dev team is working on mostly changes under the hood both for the ISO and Calamares and also looking at some changes in our infrastructure.

Another major change that is under development is the change of DE for both the live environment and the offline install option. The reason for the change isn’t a fad but has more than anything to do with lightening the dev work for the ISO.

The DE I’m talking about is KDE Plasma but at the moment nothing is set in stone yet and it might well be that Galileo will still have Xfce as its Live environment and offline install option.

Cassini Nova R2

We have released an ISO refresh, Cassini Nova R2. Our previous refresh ISO, Cassini Nova R1, was released on March 31st, so it was high time to refresh that one.

Cassini Nova R2 comes with:

  • Calamares
  • Firefox 113.0.2-1
  • Linux 6.3.4.arch1-1
  • Mesa 23.1.1-1
  • Xorgserver 21.1.8-1
  • Nvidia-dkms 530.41.03-1

The ISO can be downloaded in the mirror list on the homepage.

Have fun computing and with life,


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Adam Howard · June 6, 2023 at 2:35 am

I am KDE user as it is my preferred DE (desktop environment). BUT I think you should use LXQT as your stock DE if you are going to leave XFCE. — Why?

The default should be kept light and use fewer resources for older systems. Yet, still modern enough that it is useable, which is why I suspect you’re leaving XFCE. LXQT can use both xorg and wayland, but is small and has very little dependence, while using few resources.

As I said, I like KDE, and it is the 1st thing I install. But for a general release, I think LXQT is the more suited drop replacement for XFCE.

    Mel · June 13, 2023 at 12:00 am

    I couldn’t-agree-more.

    I’m still-trying to learn Linux, Programking stuff, Coding stuff, etc etc, so I am still-wondering why switching—to—“KDE”-desktop-environment would “lighten the workload” for EndeavourOS-distro developers,


    in terms of “XFCE was chosen because it was “Lightweight” on computer-resources” (*IF* that is the reason), go for “LXQT”.

    JeremiahP · June 14, 2023 at 6:31 pm

    Agreed. My custom ISO uses KDE, but I have been looking to convert it to LXQT.

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