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After less than a month, after Cassini Neo was released, we present you with Cassini Nova which ships with minor but necessary bug fixes and also with the usual refreshed main package versions for both the live environment as well as the offline installation option. These fixes are for the ISO and its installation process, users with running systems don’t have to search for the “Nova update”, they just have to perform their usual updates, since EndeavourOS is a rolling release.

We’d like to thank the community for their feedback on the Neo release because without that we weren’t able to release these important fixes.

I also want to thank our two new mirror partners Albony in India and Hacktegic in Moldova and welcome back Fastmirror in Ukraine for making our ISO and repo more widely available.

Cassini Nova

As I wrote before this release ships with some minor bug fixes and a package refresh for the live environment and the offline installation.

The refreshed package versions are:

  • Calamares 3.3.0-alpha3
  • Firefox 110.0.1-1
  • Linux kernel 6.2.2.arch1-1
  • Mesa 22.3.6-1
  • Xorg-Server 21.1.7-1
  • nvidia-dkms 525.89.02-2

The bug fixes for this release are:

  • Fixed the necessary kernel parameter set-up when installing Nvidia Prime. (nvidia_drm.modeset=1)
  • The xf86-video-intel package isn’t installed by default anymore for Intel legacy CPUs.
  • The offline installation received a fix for accidentally installing packages which are only necessary for the Live ISO environment.
  • A general clean-up on the installer configs and the Calamares net install list. The latter was to prevent users from accidentally installing impaired vision tools when not selected.

You can download the ISO on our latest release page where you can select a mirror near you.

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Peter · March 10, 2023 at 4:15 pm

Nice. Seems pretty functional.

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